Forum Group of companies established in 1999 in Dubai, UAE, Forum Group emerged as a pioneer with a core team of three, swiftly evolving into a global entity. Presently, our well-established footprint spans India and various African nations, comprising 20 establishments across diverse domains.

Engaged in a diverse spectrum of activities, Forum Group of Companies is a dynamic entity, excelling in retail and export of OEM and aftermarket automobile parts, trading, lubricant manufacturing, IT products and services, logistics, warehousing, healthcare, education, packaging, and hospitality services. Our portfolio spans across various industries, cementing our dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions and expertise across multiple sectors.

With a primary focus on automobile parts trading and lubricant manufacturing, our group excels globally. Our robust procurement network, combined with a keen focus on efficiency, ensures not only cost-effective but also high-quality solutions on a worldwide scale. This blend of expertise and a well-established presence enables us to provide superior value to clients while maintaining operational excellence.


Empowering Growth, One Partnership at a Time

We are devoted to enhancing the interests of all stakeholders, encompassing customers, employees, and dependents. We achieve this commitment by delivering tailored, individual solutions and harnessing innovative technology. Furthermore, we place a significant emphasis on continuous development, providing rigorous training for our employees. Through the implementation of state-of-the-art facilities, we are dedicated to elevating our operations and guaranteeing the utmost level of service delivery to all stakeholders.

providing quality solutions to satisfy our customers ‘needs

Developing a competent workforce and maintaining a harmonious atmosphere

Keeping rapidity with technology development and process improvement for our service augmentation

we provide safe reliable and efficient services

understanding and caring our staff and customers

We do what we promise..


Forum Group of Companies aspires to be a catalyst for transformation within diverse industries, encompassing automotive aftermarket spare parts, lubricants, logistics, healthcare, and education. Our vision revolves around elevating lives, businesses, and communities by consistently delivering excellence, innovation, and accessibility across every sector we engage in. The group is committed to driving efficiency, well-being, and knowledge, ultimately striving to create a positive and lasting impact on the global stage we serve.

Human Asset

Our commitment to a devoted and participatory work culture is commendable. By continuously expanding and upgrading our Human Resources, we are able to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the market. This inclusive approach extends beyond barriers of ethnicity and language, fostering a unified work culture, vision, and commitment to excellent customer service. This helps the company build stronger relationships with its customers.

To ensure that employees are equipped with the necessary skills, we maintain well-structured training modules that are upgraded constantly. This commitment to ongoing training ensures that employees are able to meet the dynamic requirements of the industry.

Our endless dedication towards work culture, employee development, and customer satisfaction demonstrates our commitment to excel in the market.

Bound by values,
Driven by success

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