Established in 2003, Seaman Shipping LLC, a vital part of the Forum Group, operates as a slot operator in the Middle East, South Africa, and South East Asia. Offering extensive services with multiple frequencies, Seaman Shipping plays a crucial role in optimizing slot utilization amid growing industry challenges.

In an era where margins are increasingly lean, shipping companies seek maximum utilization of slots. Seaman Shipping’s trading pattern capitalizes on this, creating a ‘virtual currency’ through slot trading. The outcome is a dynamic network of shipping opportunities, particularly for auto spare parts, lubricants, and other general trading items, catering to both smaller and larger parcels.

Serving 120 countries and 300 ports, our established presence underscores our commitment to providing reliable and efficient shipping services on a global scale. This network, characterized by a multiplicity of sailings, establishes a frequency that stands among the very best available.