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    Forum General Trading, the Group now consists of 13 companies spanning wide range of activities from trading in automobile spare parts, manufacturing lube oil, packaging products, shipping and logistics, General Trading etc

Shipping & Logistics

    SEAMAN SHIPPING is a local organization offering worldwide, multi-model freight forwarding and logistics services to shippers, consignees and the Company is having perfected a full range of sea, air and logistics services.

    Established in 2005, SEAMAN SHIPPING, Dubai has achieved a high level of success by combining a solid multinational force with local and regional depth, through its network of exclusive partner forwarders in several countries.

    There is wide synergy and team-spirit which bind together several separate companies and allow us to act in harmony to deliver what is required by the market. At SEAMAN SHIPPING we believe a transportation company should let you speak to someone, not something. Many computer systems can answer telephones, locate freight, or process claims, but none can make decisions, much less offer solutions. That is why we believe in, and are committed to personalized service.
    The skills and experience of SEAMAN SHIPPING staff members combine to provide the knowledge, ability and total know-how, backed by modern communication system, to ensure rapid customs clearance and delivery of customer’s goods, on time and perfect condition. Our staffers continue to fine-tune the company’s services, to ensure highest service standards for our customers.

    We have dynamic team of professional staff and agency net-work through out Europe, China, South East Asia and Indian Sub-continent. Each shipment is closely coordinated with our overseas agents to ensure that your shipment arrives at destination as scheduled.

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